PARENTS at Summerhill School in Kingswinford have expressed outrage after finding out CCTV has been installed in the pupils’ toilets.

Cameras were put in during the half term holiday following “some disappointing behaviour from students including incidents of bullying and vandalism” – according to an email sent out by executive headteacher James Bowkett to parents and carers.

But worried mums and dads say their children are so concerned about the possibility of being watched that they will not go to the toilet all day.

Stourbridge News:

One posted on Facebook: “My son has come back and said he doesn’t want to go to the toilet. It’s shocking, may have problems going on in the toilets but they can’t do this surely.”

Another said: "My daughter has now said she is "holding it" and not going to the loo and she's not the only one who has said this...I'm disgusted!"

While another added: “If I went shopping and popped in the toilets, looked up and saw one of these – would you be happy to continue? I think not, it’s wrong on too many levels."

Stourbridge News:

One poster even said her daughter had walked out as she couldn't face using the toilets and another said: "What’s stopping some dodgy person recording inappropriate images of our children!”

Mr Bowkett said protecting the safety of all pupils was a "top priority" and he added: "For a number of years we have had CCTV installed in various locations within the school grounds, to not only allow us to monitor student behaviour but also to protect the school - ensuring the safety of everyone in our community.

"Following some disappointing behaviour from our students, who were not maintaining our high standards of behaviour whilst in the toilet areas, we took the decision to extend the network of cameras to these areas.

"I must stress that this it to allow us to monitor who is entering and leaving the communal toilet areas and I can reassure parents and children that no cameras are directed towards sensitive areas including cubicles or urinals.”

In a letter to parents, Mr Bowkett stressed the cameras were "not of the type that can be rotated”.

He added: “The cameras have been set up to monitor the washbasin areas, entrance doors and communal spaces and are explicitly not directed towards any cubicles or urinals.

“Whilst some cameras are located over sensitive areas, the type of camera, although in a dome shaped housing, does not provide 360 degree imaging and is not directed into sensitive areas.

“The cameras may appear to move through the dome, however, this would simply be the autofocus system as the camera itself is unable to pan or tilt; there is also no audio.

"We have also ensured there is clear signage to ensure that all users of the facilities are aware there is CCTV equipment in use.”

He added: “I firmly believe we are not invading any student’s privacy and that all children will now be in an even safer environment due to this installation.”