A STOURBRIDGE grandmother has gone viral after a video of her dancing to Missy Elliott after undergoing a knee operation attracted the singer’s attention.

Sue Bennett, aged 66, from Pedmore, was filmed shaking it up in her living room with her crutches to the American rapper's hit song Get Ur Freak On and daughter Daisy posted the footage on Twitter - saying: "Mum had a partial knee replacement a week ago and has to do exercises…I’m not sure this is what the doctor meant @MissyElliott."

The social media post about Sue, who worked in the distribution department of the Stourbridge News for more than 25 years, instantly attracted plenty of attention from former colleagues on Facebook.

But she and daughter Daisy, a graphic designer, couldn’t believe it when Missy Elliott herself liked the tweet and then commented: “I love it!!! Give her a huge hug for me and tell her to get well soon! Well she look like it will be a quick recovery for her dancing to my music.”

Stourbridge News:

The video has since received more than 138,000 views on Twitter and the story has been making the news on American TV.

Sue, a grandmother-of-two, said: "It's absolutely crazy. If I'd known that many people were going to look at it I'd have put some make up on and done my hair!"

She said seeing the reaction to the video had, however, cheered her up as she was recovering from the operation to partially replace her problematic knee, which had forced her to give up working at B&Q.