TAKING a pinch of inspiration from graffiti master Banksy and hoping to take people's minds off Brexit - a benevolent Stourbridge artist is planning to exhibit his exclusive original artworks across the borough for people to find and keep.

Going by the name of Print Smith, as his creations are based on fingerprints, the artist from Stourbridge's Old Quarter has already tried out his idea by pinning up a selection of pieces for just 24 hours across Dudley, to give people a flavour of what to expect.

The endeavour will start in earnest this week though so members of the public are encouraged to keep their eyes peeled while out and about. They can also pick up clues on where to find the artwork via the artist's Instagram account.

He said: "The art will remain there for 24 hours unless someone comes and takes it down for themselves to have and keep. The last 24 hours have been an example of where people can expect to see my work and the types of places I will exhibit.

"I am going to hang up my paintings all round the area for people to enjoy and have if they wish to take completely for free. I will be putting them up in obscure places for people to find.

Stourbridge News:

"The reason for doing this is mainly a frustration with the art scene and industry and plus I have come to believe that if you truly enjoy the art you make it should be about the art and not the profits and obscene prices some artist are asking for their art."

To follow the clues to the artwork check out printsmithart on Instagram. To find out more about the artist, who is keeping his real identity a secret for now, go to www.printsmithart.com or printsmithart on Facebook.

Having exhibited his work in the Made in Stourbridge shop in The Ryemarket - he has sold a number of his trademark 'imprints' which combine a finger print with a loved one's face imprinted on it.

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But having only recently rekindled his passion for art, the former teacher said: "Since briefly touching base in the art scene I have started to understand the frustrations a lot of artists have and it seems that you have to be in with a clique to make any attempt at getting noticed - and it's impossible to get in with galleries and is definitely a case of who you know - not how good your art is.

"I have had a lot of amazing compliments so far about my work and I'm even in talks with a couple of high profile artists about designing their next album cover."

Stourbridge News:

But, for now, he aims to take pleasure in the creating and giving away of his art. He said: "The art is in the act of giving it away.

"You could say it's Stourbridge's version of Banksy but instead of spraying walls I'm just hanging up my artwork. It's more like exclusive street art."