The members held their monthly meeting at Stourbridge Institute on 19th March which was chaired by Jim Baker. The Chairperson June Bowkley and the President Eric Southall were both unable to attend due to illness. Jim opened the meeting by welcoming both existing, new members, visitors, and said the speaker for the evening was Ken Whittaker.

The talk for the evening was an evening with Ken Whittaker, a gardener of many years experience, which was a light hearted look at the seasonal do's and don'ts in and around the garden with many useful tips, such as using vinegar to root cuttings . Ken also spoke about things to add to our favourite products, such as Epson salts to liquid fertiliser to give an additional boost, and a few drops of green washing up liquid, not detergent, to help the product to coat the leaves. The whole talk was full of such information on all aspects of gardening which proved to be a most educational talk.

He was thanked by Jim Baker, on behalf of the members, who also showed their appreciation.

The first prize winners in the monthly show were as follows: 3 keeping onions J Boswell; 3 miniature daffodils U Langley; Victoria sandwich L Hathway; Jar of Marmalade L Hathway; Bakewell Tart U Langley.

Jim closed the meeting, wished everyone a safe journey home, and hoped everyone had enjoyed the evening.