What better way to enjoy a trip to the coast than being able to take your dog with you.

While we humans appreciate the sea air, our furry pals love to sprint along the sand and even dip their paws into the water if they’re feeling brave enough.

But if you want to make the most of your nearest beach whatever the British weather is up to, it’s important to be aware of when you are allowed to take your pet.

When are dogs allowed on the beach in the UK?

The majority of beaches across the UK will follow the same rule, which is that dogs are allowed to be walked on the beach from October 1 to April 30.

However, this does depend on each local authority as there is no UK-wide ruling - some even have dog-friendly beaches all year round.

Pet Drugs Online adds: “During this time, you are allowed to walk your dog on the beach and let them play in the sea with little to no restriction.

“Just always make sure to clean up after your dog when on the beach, as not doing so can lead to a Fixed Penalty Notice of £100, or a fine of up to £1,000 if you’re taken to court.”

For the areas that implement a part-year ban, it means between May 1 to September 30, dogs are banned from some beaches.

Stourbridge News: Does your dog love going to the beach?Does your dog love going to the beach? (Image: Getty)

Pet Drugs Online explains: “This ban may be a blanket ban on having dogs at the beach, or it may be a more liberal ban, such as dogs only being allowed on the beach if they are on a lead, dogs only being banned during certain times, or dogs only being allowed on a particular section of the beach.

“If you want to know the rules regarding dogs on your local beach, or you’re planning a seaside holiday and want to know where you and your dog can go, make sure you check the ruling with the local council before you travel to the beach.

“Many beaches will also have signage up before each entry point to the beach to ensure visitors are aware of the rules on dogs.”

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Why are dogs banned from some UK beaches?

Pet Drugs Online advises: “The main reason behind this is because of hygiene, as there are still many people who don’t pick up after their dogs while they’re in public.

“Many beaches want to preserve the water quality at UK beaches for people who want to swim in the sea, and both dog urine and faeces can threaten beaches' Blue Flag status.

“Also, dog waste can increase the risk of Toxocariasis, a condition in humans that is caused by Roundworms in dogs which are typically picked up from their faeces. If left untreated, this condition can lead to blindness in humans.”