BELBROUGHTON Parish Council is planning to change its name after 117 years - to bring the neighbouring village of Fairfield into its title.

Fairfield has been covered by Belbroughton's council for as long as anyone can remember but until now it has remained in the background - if only in name.

Now the parish councillors have decided to press for a title to reflect that around 800 of the 2,380 residents they represent live in the village next door to Belbroughton.

Bromsgrove District Council is expected to approve the new title of Belbroughton and Fairfield Parish Council at its meeting on Wednesday (Jan 20).

"It's a tidying up exercise really and something we've talked about over a number of years," said parish clerk John Farrell.

"The new name would better reflect the area covered by the parish.

"It won't change the work we do and there will be minimal costs as we don't have buildings with signs up.

"We might need a new logo, which could be an opportunity for suggestions from people."

The parish council last April confirmed a decision previously approved three years earlier to change the name.

Since then it has consulted local people through the parish magazine, the village website and in the council's annual report, with no objections received.

If the district council approves the move, the recommendation will need to be confirmed by the Government, the Director General of the Ordnance Survey and the Registrar General for England and Wales.