A THAI food fan from Belbroughton has released her own recipe book, inspired by her favourite chef.

Carole Mason first met Gobgaew Najpinij 12 years ago, during a cooking course in Bangkok, and has this month released 'Mae's Ancient Thai Food' as a tribute to the chef, who died last year.

The book takes foodies on a cultural culinary journey through Gobgaew's favourite recipes, unlocking the secrets behind traditional Thai cooking.

Carole, who has lived in Belbroughton for 26 years, said: "There was something so magical about Gobgaew’s enthusiasm and skill that I couldn’t wait to get back to Bangkok and work with her.

"Gobgaew had recognised my passion while we were learning together on the course and she asked me to return to Bangkok to become one of her students.

"Every day for four months, we would go to the markets together to buy ingredients.

"Everyone knew her. She was bossy, funny and had a child-like quality which spilled over into a pure love of passing on the ancient Thai cooking culture she had cultivated over decades.

"It was a life-changing and deeply privileged experience for me and even though we could only communicate in broken English and Thai, we became so close that she told me to call her Mae, which means ‘mother’ in Thai.”

Carole has spent the last decade cooking and photographing Gobgaew's recipees, with help from Gobgaew's daughter Ning, who taste-tested each dish.

Gobgaew, who was born in 1941 in the north eastern Thai province of Udon Thani, established an international reputation as a chef, having taught at Bangkok's Suan Dust University.

She died last year, aged 75, and never saw the published version of Carole's book.

To purchase a copy of Mae's Ancient Thai Food, priced £20, visit carolemason.co.uk/cook-book.