LARGE Crowds took to the streets in Redditch yesterday in protest against Boris Johnson’s move to suspend parliament.

Around 100 people were at the bandstand brandishing banners pledging to defend democracy in a bid to resist the parliament shutdown.

The event saw a number of speakers talk passionately about democracy and fairness - not just stopping Brexit.

A spokesperson said it was an incredibly positive event.

"This was not an anti Brexit protest, we spoke about democracy and fairness - not stopping Brexit," they said.

"Redditch is always labelled as a Brexit town but we believe there is much opposition to the way Brexit has been handled so far."

Demonstrators massed at protests in dozens of locations around the country including Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham, Brighton, Swansea, Bristol and Liverpool.

Labour shadow chancellor John McDonnell labelled Boris Johnson a “dictator” as he addressed crowds outside Downing Street.

He went on to attack the prime minister’s move to suspend parliament, saying it had had “rightfully” been called “a very British coup”.

Following the rally outside Downing Street, dozens of protesters blocked traffic at Trafalgar Square by sitting in the road, while others marched towards Buckingham Palace.