POLICE were called to two concern for welfare incidents in Worcester city centre.

An eyewitness told the Worcester News they saw a group of people on Tuesday night in Copenhagen Street outside the Oil Basin, and not far from Worcester Street Cafe that had packed up.

The eyewitness said: "Police were talking to one guy who was slouched against the wall.

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"And they were also speaking to someone else who was separated from the group."

A couple of police cars and a van attended

A West Mercia Police spokesman said they were called at at around 8.30pm," the spokesman said.

"We responded to calls from the public regarding concern for two men’s welfare in Worcester city centre.

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"These were two separate incidents and the men did not know each other.

"A 45-year-old man from Birmingham was reassured by officers and became much calmer and later returned to his address in Birmingham.

"The other man, a 31-year-old from Worcester, was also spoken with by officers and was later allowed to leave once officers were sure there was no further concern for his welfare."