THE council is looking to hire an officer to support the city’s EU migrants during the Brexit transition period.

Worcester City Council wants to spend £45,000 of government money to help EU nationals living and working in the city a 'voice' as well as help migrants with access to services and housing, reduce hate crime, improve health and wellbeing and promote community cohesion.

The money would pay for the officer for one year.

The city council said the aim of its Brexit project would be to ensure EU migrants are supported during the transition, continue to feel part of the city, ensure they feel safe and contribute as best they can to the local economy.

A report, due to be discussed by the council's policy and resources committee next Tuesday (March 17), said: "The uncertainty surrounding Brexit continues to be a source of concern for EU nationals and their family members, including the ones living and working in Worcester.

"This project, therefore, looks at supporting migrant communities in the transition period, enabling their effective and productive functioning in the city.

"The project will support migrant communities settle or work in Worcester during Brexit, identifying their strengths, as well as developing and supporting local organisations and services to address migrant needs.

"It also recognises the social, economic and environmental benefits to the city through its investment in its migrant population.

"The Brexit project aims to ensure that EU migrant communities are supported by effective and tailor-made measures put in place by Worcester City Council during Brexit, focused on developing the ‘voice’ of migrant communities.

"We want the members of migrant communities to feel that they are part of a city where they have positive relationships with each other, make positive contributions to the local economy, feel safe and able to succeed to the best of their abilities."

The council also aims to host drop-in clinics to provide advice and support for the city’s migrant communities, host community events, create a website to raise awareness of the city’s different cultures, services, community groups and events and host awareness-raising campaigns focusing on modern day slavery, hate speech and rogue landlords.

The council’s new officer would also help other council departments – particularly housing and homelessness prevention.

Worcester City Council's policy and resources committee meets at 7pm in the Guildhall next Tuesday (March 17).