FLOODING victims across the city are set to receive a share of £100,000 from the council.

Worcester City Council has put forward a proposal for a pot of money to help residents and businesses in the wake of severe flooding throughout parts of the city since February.

Storms Ciara, Dennis and Jorge have affected approximately 110 homes and around 45 businesses in the city, the council said.

Councillors meet next Tuesday (March 17) to discuss the emergency money.

The extra money, on top of emergency money made available by the government, is to help support the city’s flood-hit communities and provide more of a safety net to residents and businesses not covered by other flood money.

For example, only one claim can be made by the landlord or tenant of a rented flat if it floods or other flood money may not fully cover the cost of the flooding.

Also, other measures such as installing flood barriers which protect several homes may not be best covered by several individual claims for money.

The city council has already been offering support, through government funding, to homes and businesses affected by flooding including money and council tax discounts.

Flooded businesses can apply for up to £2,500 and households up to £500 from the council when homes have become unlivable.

The council has already handed out money to 67 households and ten businesses.

More government money has been made available to councils to protect homes from flooding in the future.

However, conditions on the money means some households may not receive funds if they have done so in the past but whilst discussions between the council and the government continue, the council cannot yet guarantee every household and business receives the support it needs.

The council believes all the homes affected during recent floods were paid flood prevention money in 2014.

The council would take the money from its risk reserve, a pot of money totalling almost £1.5 million to help pay for the unexpected.

The council has already said that £100,000 may not be enough and councillors may again have to approve more money to help flooding victims in the future.

The Bellwin Scheme, the government’s emergency support scheme for disasters and emergencies, was triggered last month. The scheme offers councils financial support for damage caused by flooding and reimburses council’s for the cost of any measures which aimed to prevent flooding.