STAFF from a school have created a heart-warming video which was sent to the parents and children while everyone is in lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic.

Twenty staff members from Cutnall Green C of E Primary – from the office manager, cleaner, teachers assistants, teachers and the headteacher have filmed themselves singing their hearts out to the children's favourite song - I'm Still Standing from the movie Sing.

This is the tune the children sing to themselves during assemblies and events at school.

Headteacher, Emma Rowe said: “We decided to make this film to give our children the opportunity to see their teachers and make them smile.

“As educators we understand that we are a very big part of our children's lives and felt it was really important to maintain these relationships in a way that we couldn't normally do. The social media platform was the obvious choice.

“In all honesty, and I speak from all of us, we really miss them too.

“We knew this 'feel good' track would provide some joy and hopefully give them a giggle too during these times of uncertainty.”

Mrs Rowe added: “As a result of social distancing we knew we had to get creative to enable our children to see our 20 staff members in a short and snappy way. We decided what better way than to sing their favourite song, which I have to say for many of us, me included took us way out of our comfort zone.

“The reaction from our children and families has been completing overwhelming and has created a very heart warming moment in what has been a gloomy few weeks.

“Within an hour of it being sent to parents we had received messages of thanks for our support. The video has had a much bigger impact on our whole community and further beyond than we could ever have hoped.

“The children loved seeing everyone at home performing, something they wouldn't normally get to see us doing. It definitely made them smile, what more can you ask.”

Parent, Maria Burford said: “Thank you to each and everyone of our teachers that took the time to make this video. Each and every parent and child enjoyed this and it has made our week. It goes to show that our school is a team and that even in the darkest of times laughter and dance always wins.

“You have all taken the time out to make sure you are there for us and the children supporting their learning and help us moms and dads to teach our children while you are unable to do so. I salute you all. I struggle with three of them so I don't know how you do a whole class.

“Thank you everybody from the bottom of my heart it's what everybody needed.”