A CARPENTER who left a message for "the Kidderminster paper" inside the wall of a Stourport bungalow in 1964 died just months before it was found.

Workmen discovered the note while knocking down a kitchen wall at a home in The Ridgeway last week.

It read: "Whoever finds this please put it in the Kidderminster paper.

"Year 1964. Date 25th May."

Stourbridge News:

The message is signed by Michael John Knight and Fredrick K Willson, both carpenters and aged 20 years old.

After builder Daniel Campbell contacted The Shuttle in an effort to "honour a fellow tradesman's request", the family of Mr Knight came forward - but sadly the retired carpenter died just months before his note was discovered.

His son Andy told The Shuttle: "My dad was a carpenter all his life. He started at a timber joining yard in Kidderminster and went on to start his own company Mirrorrobes. Freddie was his best mate.

Stourbridge News:

"I can remember as a child he did quite a few properties up in the area and he was always putting notes behind walls.

"I can remember off the top of my head him doing a cottage up in Bewdley and behind the fireplace he put a load of old coins and a message and some photographs - sort of like a time capsule.

"I couldn't believe it when I saw someone had found one of his messages. It's just a shame my dad passed away in February. He would have loved it."

Andy, who is also a carpenter, described his dad as a "very likeable character, who loved a joke, loved talking and loved telling stories".

Stourbridge News:

Mr Knight's early ambition was to become an architect, but due to the length of the apprenticeship he decided to become a carpenter to start earning money for his parents.

He grew up in Kidderminster and later moved to Bewdley. He had two children and four grandchildren.

"I'm very proud of my dad," said Andy. "He was a true legend and a rock to our family, so this story has brought back some great memories as to my dad's sense of humour."

Andy believes Mr Willson is still alive today.