A 54-YEAR-OLD graduate from Kidderminster who has scooped an award for his academic achievements hopes it will inspire people to continue with their education.

Robert Galloway suffers from visual dyslexia but never let it get in his way when he started studying in 1999. He now has a masters and BA honours degree in industrial archaeology.

The former HGV driver, who studied at the University of Birmingham, received a certificate and a key-shaped trophy after being nominated for the Adult Learners' Week award by his tutor, Dr Roger White.

Mr Galloway, of Canterbury Road,said it was a weight off his mind when he was diagnosed with dyslexia six years ago.

He said: "I couldn't write or spell properly and finding out why made me realise that it wasn't my fault so I got training and help for it. I learned to adapt and I have had a lot of support from tutors, which has helped.

"I'm hoping that getting this award will inspire people to continue with their education after they leave school. I believe that you are never too old for education."

Mr Galloway added he planned to continue studying and would start a postgraduate research degree later this year.