NOW that things are beginning to settle following the referendum it is time to reflect. Like many people it was extremely difficult to make a decision based on unsubstantiated gloomy predictions of the remain campaign against .the lies issued and lack of any plan by the leave campaign.

The failure of each group to inform us clearly was a disgrace and why were the Labour Party so silent. How can it be correct for this change when only one person in three voted for it surely for this to be democratic to make such an important change should have required a minimum of 50% of the electorate to support it.

We were rushed into by the the Conservatives in fear of the rise of one policy Ukip and their own sceptic backbenchers The electorate deserve much better from our politicians, .For all our sakes I hope we have made the right decision and I wish them well . PS One does wonder why the leading Brexit campaigners Farage and Gove have ridden off into the sunset. leaving remainers to fill the top posts.

John Dunn