THE figures released following the European Election showed that a large proportion of senior citizens voted and the greater majority voted to leave, reading your letter James you may well of been one of them,that is a fact not an assumption as your letter suggests. You are correct I was disappointed with the result, the disappointment however was for my grandchildren who having been born ,growing up as Europeans will now have to grow up in the Unknown, I did ask them all how I should vote on their behalf hence my disappointment.

I seem to remember that when we joined the Common Market it was far from happy as you suggest,did not De’gaule do everything in his power to stop us,he made us as welcome as a pork chop at a Jewish wedding.

The election was fought as you correctly say on lies and deceit, I find it difficult to understand why you picked out Blair and Cameron,when Farage, Johnson,Gove,and Haig lied through their back teeth on immigration, I can only come to the conclusion you agreed with them. Yes this country will survive although it is interesting that the Government will have to borrow an extra £50bn following Brexit,which will have to be repaid by future generations through no fault of their own.

Brian L Millward