ONCE again proving that they have scant regard for democracy the Liberal Democrats, under Tim Farron. are demanding another EU referendum despite there being not the slightest evidence of a different outcome.

This is the typical reaction by the EU Supporters Club to any democratic vote they don’t like and we have seen it in referenda all over the Brussels Empire.

Meanwhile there is more proof that we were correct to vote ‘out’.

The prestigious Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors have said that the value of homes will be increasing steadily over the next five years by 3.3 percent per year, the most confident prediction yet by them, and a far cry from the predictions prior to June 23 by EU fanatics like Mr Farron that house prices would tumble.

Other reports from building societies show that the RICS report is not in isolation with mortgage lenders showing a near 7 percent increase over this time last year and one major house builder (Redrow) reporting ‘record profits’ and ‘an excellent year ahead’.

Nor is house building and ownership the only area in UK life showing a major upturn since June, Manufacturing, up. Retail, up. Services, up.

Sad that so many of our (mis) leaders like Mr Farron don’t embrace the opportunities Brexit is bringing and get on to make this country successful on the world stage once more.

Mrs May needs to understand that her time is nearly up; the people seem in no mood to have her delay implementing Article 50 much longer.

She has the largest mandate in UK political history, signed by 17.4 million of us, which is to leave the EU and she must act on it before we elect people who will.

Glen Wilson Pedmore