THE approach to Christmas is one of the busiest periods in Westminster. I have been working hard on a number of very important subjects, including workers’ rights, the minimum wage and the BHS saga. I have just completed my second Parliamentary Questions session, tackling points ranging from consumer issues to Small Business Saturday. Big Energy Saving Week began on 31st October – a campaign run by the excellent Citizen’s Advice, which aims to let people know how easy it is to switch energy supplier or tariff. You may have seen the Citizen’s Advice stand in the Ryemarket last week inviting people how to switch energy suppliers. You can find out more at www.citizensadvice. or phone 03454 040506 to get a special fact sheet for our area. Believe it or not, if you have received your gas and electricity from the same supplier for several years, you can probably make a saving of £300 per year by switching. Tomorrow I will be hosting my Careers Evening at 4.30pm at Glasshouse College. We have some great businesses and organisations this year – Google, Jaguar Land Rover and the local NHS to name just three of the 20 employers confirmed. As well as having the opportunity to speak to all of these businesses about career opportunities, there will be four seminars in which to take part, on subjects like apprenticeships, CV building and choosing a university.

If you want to sign-up to the Careers Evening, please do visit my website at Whether you are thinking of starting an apprenticeship, going to university or getting a job right away, there will be something for you tomorrow evening.

In the morning I will host a vital meeting about regeneration in Cradley with campaigners and developers.

At the last election, I made the campaign to improve Cradley a priority and I am determined to drive through progress on this long standing issue.

I am also delighted to visit Tesco’s Toy Appeal in the town centre. I have supported this wonderful Christmas event each year and it is an opportunity for us all to bring some happiness to some of our poorest children locally. In the afternoon I will host an important meeting about forced marriages and other forms of abuse, at the Council House in Dudley. I will be speaking to the police, teachers and a charity called Karma Nirvana, which helps vulnerable women and victims of forced marriage. The Government made forced marriage illegal in 2014 and it is essential that we continue to raise awareness about this abhorrent crime. Finally, I am hosting an open surgery this Saturday at 10am at the Crown Centre outside Tesco. Everyone is welcome, so do come along.

Margot James MP