I am referring to the play “Dead Ringer” performed by the Stourbridge Theatre Company, which I saw at the Town Hall on November 25.

Having been to many of their previous productions and been very impressed by their professionalism and acting abilities, I was really looking forward to an enjoyable evening. However, I was truly very disappointed.

The play had been advertised as a light hearted political comedy but I felt that the players did not bring out the best of the witty asides and one liners and the dry humour of the script. In my opinion, the play was very mechanically acted, there was no body language at all.

It was all very stiffly done as if they were just reading the script.

Surely a bit of improvisation could have been carried out, especially at the end when the plot and spies were uncovered, a quick witty sharp snappy retort would have been much better.

Another instance was when the PM died and there was panic as to what to do. Much could have been made of this scene with quick fire banter. No, I’m afraid the comedy timing was not good and got lost along the way.

To cap it off, the sound was not good, whether this was because the actors were not projecting their voices, I don’t know, even excuse to mumble your words.
So much of the speeches were lost, especially during the first half which was slow to get started.
I wonder if any others audience members had similar views. I hope that you will pass these comments onto the Stourbridge Theatre Company.
They are only meant to be constructive and to give food for thought, not a complaint against them and they are only my personal opinion.
In the meantime, I will look forward to their next productions in the spring and summer.
JA Evans