I would like to make the point that although we all squeal concerning increase in Council Tax, the increase quoted for the Band D is 90p per week which is merely less than the price of half a cup of coffee.

My point is that the council rather than be proud that it is one of the lowest tax rates in the country should increase the Council Tax further in order that we do not lose these and other important facilities.

The Council Tax was not increased for several years, and I believe this was a big mistake.

An alternative used elsewhere would be to charge for the garden wheelie bin.

Concerning Stourbridge Leisure Centre, I can’t believe this only approx 26 year old building, which is used well, will be closed for the want of
£50,000 for a new boiler.
The facilities would be more competitive with private leisure facilities if it had better showers and particularly not archaic hair dryers, which are dreadful.
These items do affect the footfall.
They have prompted me to look elsewhere. If three centres are replaced by two, it is obvious that these will not all be easily accessible to people further away. Thus decreasing the income and the likelihood of creating larger losses in the future.
Mary Leslie