IN reply to Mr Wilson’s letter January 12, UKIP may soon have to change its name to something such as EIP - the English Independence Party.

Not only was UKIP complicit in splitting the United Kingdom almost exactly into two during the referendum, the party could be responsible for the eventual independence of Scotland.

That country would then take up Britain’s seat at the EU table.

Northern Ireland will also face enormous challenges in controlling its border with the Irish Republic.

As a retired person who worked hard and has benefitted from the Welfare State, and still participates in Mr Cameron’s Big Society, I am grateful that there remain liberal, environmentally- responsible and progressive parties for which I can still vote.

I hope that a new Brentry party will arise dedicated to taking up again our rightful place in a reformed EU.

Once more Europe faces military threat on its eastern borders, calling for closer European cooperation. it does not look as though we can depend on President Trump for help.

P Alan Bartram