PROPOSALS for voters to have to prove their identity at the ballot box has my full support.

There have been squeals from some quarters about the government’s proposals but it is frankly overdue.

Fraud may not have been widespread, though no one can say for sure, but any such dishonesty taints our electoral system.

And I am pleased that “harvesting”

postal votes for submission by activists is to be banned.

I personally would go further and tighten up the eligibility of postal voters to those who are physically unable to get to a polling station.

As places including Birmingham have shown postal voting offers an easy opportunity for exploitation by those wishing to cheat the system.

It is therefore appropriate that it is one of the places chosen for inclusion in this ID pilot scheme.

For those without photo ID two or three forms of proof, such as utility bills, could be used.

All adults, rich or poor, should have the ability to vote.

The requirement for voter ID works in Northern Ireland and it should work here too.

James Carver

West Midlands MEP UKIP