AS a volunteer at Leasowes Nature Reserve I’m aware that the request by wardens to dog owners to collect and dispose of their pets waste responsibly in the appropriate bins has not been well received.

Due to the need for vehicular access to collect the waste by council staff there are bins available in the car park and at the other entrancese but not within the landscape itself.

Unfortunately some pet owners feel either it’s too far for them to carry their poo bags to the bin and so fling, dump or hang them wherever or just don’t bother to collect at all. This results in both staff and volunteers regularly getting their clothing and tools covered in faeces. Also a new children’s play area is being created and whilst working there this week we were constantly having to avoid dog waste.

Dog owners have no more rights than any other visitors to the Leasowes - we should all be collecting our waste and disposing of it appropriately.

Having to carry it to a bin is no excuse for anti social behaviour.

Joanne Richardson

Cradley Heath