LARGE numbers of young people voted in the general election. This was an expression of passion and concern. This was a message to politicians that young people matter.

Concerns are justifiable. House price have rocketed far above the means of many. Saving for a mortgage will take many years or is an impossibility. For those taking rented accommodation, in an unregulated market, it is not unusual for 50% of one’s income going towards rent.

Flexible working and low pay is fast becoming a way of life and is no foundation for economic and social security. Furthermore, with the dawning of a technological revolution, fewer jobs will become available.

Creeping privatisation of the NHS, will erode the service as we know it today: free at the point of delivery.

It is therefore foolish and thoughtless to ignore future needs for today’s young people.

Their future is just as important as our present.

Edward Davies, Stourbridge