IT has come to the attention of quite a lot of people in Stourbridge including myself how we seem to be being ripped off by the petrol stations in the town, which is mainly the (completely unnecessary) three at Oldswinford, one on the ring road and the one at the top of the Norton road.

Currently they are all around the £1.24 per litre price and have been for a while but most stations outside of Stourbridge are around £1.17, Asda are currently £1.12 which is why i make the short journey to fill my vehicles.

It may seem trivial, but these are multinational companies who should be offering the best prices, but instead they seem to be acting like a cartel to keep the prices way above the national and certainly local average.

Perhaps a name and shame column or article might help, it will certainly make a lot of locals happy to see something being done to stop this.

Matthew Randle Stourbridge