I was descending in the lift from Tesco’s to the car parking facilities below the other day after purchasing an electrical item from them. For me the item was both bulky and awkward. .

Other occupants in the lift comprised a young mother with a child in a wheelchair and presumably her mother.

They were obviously aware that I was a pretty elderly sort of chap,as on exiting on exiting the lift the young mother asked, nay, she insisted, in carrying my purchase to my car and depositing in the boot.

Stourbridge has a plethora of nice and considerate people. I know, I have lived in the area for close on 80yrs.

But in this instance both mother and daughter were not to know that I am totally deaf and with a more acute disability problem as the result.

It certainly lifted my morning and the lightening of my pocket and I would like both of them to be aware how much I appreciated what they did for me.

Thank you both for your kindness and and your thoughtfulness .

JB Waldron