LAST Saturday, we were lucky enough to be at Stourbridge Town Hall, enjoying a performance of “Priscilla Queen of The Desert”, performed by Stourbridge Amateur Operatic Society (SAOS). This was an extremely entertaining, high quality production which any professional company would have been proud to be associated with, let alone an amateur society.

We were overwhelmed by the high production values – whether on stage, with wonderful acting, singing and occasional flying, or backstage, where a skilled crew handled lighting, sound, followspot and occasional “coach manoeuvres”. Then there were, of course, the many other unsung heroes involved with costumes, make-up, prompting, etc – not forgetting the musicians under Jonathan Hill’s direction.

At the end of the performance, the cast received a well-earned standing ovation. Sitting in front of me, was an elderly gentlemen who had, I believe, been involved with SAOS over 70 years ago. He also rose to his feet to join the standing ovation – this says it all really.

All involved should be extremely proud of this production which can be summed up in one word – superb.

Lewis Payne Norton