THERE are ever-increasing straws in the wind from the continuing catastrophic failure of separation negotiations between our government and 27 other members of the EU.

Hundreds of jobs have already been earmarked to move from the UK. The European Banking Authority is heading for Paris and the European Medicines Agency goes to Amsterdam. ( No doubt we will find our own resources to replicate the same organisations, but less money will remain for hospitals or other public services.) Former Business Secretary and current Lib-Dem leader, Sir Vince Cable has warned of an imminent Brexodus of jobs while the Office for Budgetary Responsibility has downgraded UK growth forecasts for the next ten years. The conundrum of the UK/EU border in Northern Ireland will require the wisdom of Solomon.

It is like a slow-motion carcrash.

The trouble is that I am not just a horrified onlooker - I am a passenger who has been bundled unwillingly into the vehicle which is out of control and skidding headlong who knows where.

P Alan Bartram Oldswinford