What an interesting development on GP provision.

No sooner has Norton Medical practice been closed that served Norton and some Wollaston and surrounding areas than 3 Villages wants to close the surgery they have in Wollaston.

The local CCG did very little to give Norton GP cover starting with initial approaches for closure. There is as everyone locally knew there would be no effort to get public transport to Lion Health when it opened originally so any idea that could change when a few more patients registered was short sighted.

If you are not a car driver or have money for constant taxis to GP how is anyone going to get to 3 Villages Corbett Drive from Norton or the edges of Wollaston?

A fair number of persons transferred to 3 Villages because they could get a bus to Wollaston and that surgery there is well used. Therefore is the next step we all ring 111 when we need a GP?

A E Tee