A recent letter printed in the News of July 5 from Richard Whitehouse of Halesowen (Many Hazards) raises some very good points about the A456 particularly the stretch under the responsibility of Worcestershire County Council Highway Authority.

The proposed access to the approved Hagley Hall visitor centre has the making of one of the most dangerous junctions imaginable.

Regular users of this stretch know all too well how dangerous this can be. There have been serious accidents as well as fatalities. We already see regular 'boy racers' using this as a race track; we know it's used by the largest HGVs possible as well as being a popular cycle route and it's the busiest A road in Worcestershire.

Why any proposal is given any credence anyway is beyond me and questions the Highway's consultation process as it's taken social media and a headline story in the News for the public to be made aware of the proposal. The road user needs to be reassured that WCC Highways is taking this potential black spot serious and act quickly and accordingly when determining the access to the centre.

Steve Colella

Bromsgrove District Councillor Hagley