MADAM - Thank you so much for your reporting, in this fantastic local newspaper, of the burglary that took place at St Thomas’ Church, Stourbridge.

READ: Computer stolen in burglary at St Thomas' Church, Stourbridge

Whereas we were greatly saddened that someone would want to steal from the church, our hearts have been truly lifted by the response of the local community. We’ve had multiple offers of a replacement for the tablet computer which was stolen, some expressions of shock, and lots of support for our work in the town.

We’ve had messages from local businesses, the charities and schools we work with, and countless individuals. The response has been fabulous.

We are also truly grateful for the work of West Midlands Police who didn’t put this down to just another minor crime, as many will have expected, but have thoroughly investigated, linked our theft to others, and identified the thief.

What has been revealed is not just the damage that can be caused by one individual who has gone off the rails, but the great spirit of the majority in our community who do look out for their neighbours and offer support wherever it is needed - just the kind of the thing the church always aims to do. Our hope is that by building up community, there will be fewer wanting to take advantage of others.

So, thank you Stourbridge for just being your amazing selves; and let’s keep on looking out for one another.

With Every Blessing

Andrew Sillis

Vicar - St Thomas’ Stourbridge