I can't believe it!  We've just had a leaflet from Stourbridge Conservatives claiming credit for the fact that Wollaston Farm grazing land has been "removed from the Black Country Plan" and saved from housing development. 

This is brilliant news.  Many local Labour, Liberal Democrat, Green, non-political and, yes, many Conservative supporters have worked hard to get this result.

But who was it drew up that part of the Black Country Plan in the first place?  The main contributors must surely have been the Government (Conservative), the Office of the West Midlands Mayor (Conservative), and Dudley Council (Conservative). 

For the Stourbridge Conservatives to claim the credit for getting Dudley Council to "see reason" really takes the biscuit!  Indeed I can't help wondering whether a Stourbridge Conservative Party really still exists at all, the address they give on the leaflet is in High Street, Halesowen!

Chris Bramall, Liberal Democrat supporter, Wollaston