ON a recent day in London I purchased a book called "Greyhound Survivors".

It was full of short stories about ex-racing greyhounds from their track days to loving homes via the rubbish dumps.

Some of the stories were very harrowing, but to anyone who loves and admires greyhounds, this book is a must.

It will cost you £10 including p&p with £5 going to "Greyhound Action" to help save more "Disposable Greyhounds".

The address is Greys Publishing, Oakhurst, 4 Fifers Lane, Old Catton, Norfolk, NR6 7AF.

Cheques made payable to Helen Ethridge.

Anyone sending for this book will be glad they did, knowing they may have helped to save an unfortunate greyhound, who due to "Greyhound Action" may be running in a park near you.

CH Turner