I joined the Dudley Group of Hospitals Foundation Trust as a Foundation Trust member approximately 2 years ago as I am a very staunch supporter of the NHS. I wanted to play a part, no matter how small, in trying to maintain and improve the NHS services in Dudley and saw this as a way of becoming involved.

I have, since, attended several very interesting presentations at Russells Hall Hospital and have also been kept informed of the work of the Trust via email and post.

My interest has increased as I have been very impressed at the work the Trust is doing to ensure that NHS levels improve in Dudley and, also by keeping other Trusts informed, the NHS as a whole.

At the recent Governors Elections, at the end of 2011, I stood and was elected as a Publically Elected Governor of the Trust for the Brierley Hill Constituency. This has increased my involvement within the Trust Team that is working to improve the NHS in Dudley.

Historically, Dudley has a reasonably high level of support in the work of the NHS Trust. After all we all own the Trust and it is working for our benefit to improve NHS services in Dudley.

It is very important, especially these days with the extensive changes being proposed for the NHS, that we all ensure that we get, as far as is practicably possible, the best NHS for our area and for the country. This can be achieved by as many of us as possible joining the Foundation Trust and electing people as Governors who will do their best to bring about the right changes.

I would urge everyone who feels similarly to contact the NHS Foundation Trust Office at Russells Hall Hospital to obtain application forms to join the Trust. Membership is free and the amount of time you wish to devote to it is purely down to what you want to do. Remember, the more who join the Trust the better the understanding will be as to what you, the users of the NHS, need and should get in the future!

Yours faithfully, Robert S. Edwards