Wollaston Tennis Club men's teams plan on keeping their feet on the gas when they hope to continue an electric start to their summer campaign.

Strides have been taken by all four teams in the past year, including winning the Staffordshire campaign last summer.

The winning streak didn't end there, with two more promotions following in the winter leagues.


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The men's A team also successfully secured their position in the summer Premier Leagues after a 15-year absence.

The progress in the first week of the new campaign shows promise, with the Men's A team winning their first match 4 - 0 away at Albert Tennis Club.

Richard Waldron now leads a new E team, bumping up the club's league teams from four to five.

Wollaston Men's captain Ant Jones said: "The last 12 months has been incredible for the Men's Teams and the success we've achieved is well earnt.

"It's brilliant to see our A team back in the Premier leagues again and also a new E team entered in the leagues.

"We are all working hard on our games and looking to continue the success into the summer season."

More information about the club can be found on the club website - www.wollastontennis.co.uk or by emailing wltc@outlook.com.