A QUARRY Bank man behind the wheel of a powerful Audi has told a jury he was not racing motorcyclist Elliott Beddow who was killed when he lost control of his bike and ploughed into railings.

Dylan Dudgon maintained he had not encouraged 20-year-old Mr Beddow to go faster after they had been drinking together in The Mitre pub in Stourbridge.

He said he accepted he was driving well over the 30mph speed limit in Brettell Lane before the horrific accident but went on: "I was not racing."

Dudgon, of Victoria Road, hit 68mph while Mr Beddow, who was riding a Harley Davidson, was estimated to be travelling at around 79mph - Wolverhampton Crown Court was told.

The prosecution has alleged the two men were going far too fast and they were egging each other on in a dangerous way that ultimately led to Mr Beddow losing his life.

Dudgon told the jury he and Mr Beddow had stopped at traffic lights and his friend then opened up the engine as he sped away - hitting 60mph in a matter of seconds.

He said the motorcycle then slowed down and he overtook the machine. But he then became aware of the motorbike passing his vehicle.

"The noise of the motorbike startled me," said Dudgon. "I shuddered and went 'wow' - it gave me a jolt. The bike went past me and I carried on driving."

Dudgon said he then saw the bike go down onto its side.

He said he parked his Audi in a side street and he and his three passengers went straight to the scene where he saw his friend on the ground.

But he agreed he had not identified himself to a police officer at the time because he was in "shock" as he stressed it was "not the case" that he had been racing the motorcycle - "not whatsoever”.

In cross examination by Andrew Baker, prosecuting Dudgon, accepted Mr Beddow had been very proud of his motorcycle and they had talked about the machine after leaving the pub.

"I was driving as I saw fit," he said as he denied moving his car to get it out of sight. "There were enough witness at the scene who saw me," he went on.

"I was not having a race and I was not encouraging my friend to go faster," said Dudgon who told the court he was on the way to drop off friends at Vagabonds club in Brierley Hill which was also the destination of Mr Beddow.

Dudgon has denied causing death by dangerous driving and his trial is continuing.