MILLIONAIRE businessman John Broadhurst has been jailed for three years and eight months at Birmingham Crown Court for the gross negligence manslaughter of Natalie Connolly.

Broadhurst, aged 40, left 26-year-old mum-of-one Natalie in a pool of blood at the bottom of the stairs at their £600,000 Kinver home and went to bed, Birmingham Crown Court was told.

When he woke up hours later he called emergency services and told the operator his partner was “dead as a doughnut”.

The multi-millionaire businessman was initially charged with murder but he claimed he had only hurt her "within the boundaries of her masochistic desires”.

Natalie died after the couple had spent a day drinking alcohol and taking cocaine before engaging in "rough sex" on December 18, 2016.

The young mum, who called Broadhurst ‘The Boss’, was found lying in a pool of blood with more than 40 injuries.

Natalie had also suffered horrific internal injuries inflicted during sex.

Part-way through his trial Broadhurst, of Wolverley, Worcestershire, admitted manslaughter on the basis of gross negligence and he was cleared of murder and GBH.

Today (Monday December 17) he was jailed for three years and eight months.

Mr Justice Julian Knowles said: "You showed blatant disregard for a drunk and injured woman.

"She had ceased being able to stand, you were intoxicated but not to the same degree - you left her in a very serious and dangerous state.

"You were older and more experienced and less intoxicated - she was more intoxicated and this added to her vulnerability.

"You showed a blatant disregard, you were aware Natalie had consumed vast amounts of alcohol and cocaine and was incapable of standing up.

"It must have been apparent she had been injured internally, you left that young woman to die in the saddest of circumstances.

"Natalie required medical help and that was obvious.

"You are a successful businessman and I accept you were a good partner in your previous relationships and you were a good father to your son.

"You are also viewed as a man of good character.

"I acknowledge that you loved Natalie and you were planning a future together but a custodial sentence is justified.

"I accept your decision to go to bed was taken in drink.”

Broadhurst, a property developer with a £15 million fortune, met Natalie while he was in a relationship with his pregnant long-term partner before they moved in together in July 2016.

The court heard Natalie and dad-of-three Broadhurst regularly indulged in S&M sex sessions.

Prosecutor David Mason QC said: “Everyone has different levels of tolerance and the impact of the alcohol and cocaine is that he knew she was very drunk.

“We accept of course he was intoxicated but not to the same degree and it must have been obvious that Natalie was in a dangerous situation, his failure to help showed a blatant disregard for her life.”

Earlier that day, the couple had spent the afternoon watching West Bromwich Albion play Manchester United before going for a curry.

They were taken home in Broadhurst’s chauffeur-driven Range Rover where the couple consumed more alcohol and took two grams of cocaine.

Broadhurst claimed Natalie later indicated she wanted to have masochistic sex and had found her dead at the foot of the stairs the next morning.

Post-mortem analysis found she died from her injuries in conjunction with alcohol intoxication – having been more than five times the drink-drive limit.

Stephen Vullo QC, defending, said: “This was not just a case about sex, they fell in love with each other and set up home together.

He said Broadhurst had called the emergency services within 18 seconds of waking up and he added: “He expected to spend the rest of his life with her.

“He did not think she would come to any harm and had slept in that position the week before.”

Members of Natalie's family, who wore pink roses in memory of her, wept with relief as Broadhurst was jailed.