A STOURBRIDGE man who took part in a vicious gang attack on a taxi driver who was beaten up and stripped naked before being dragged out of a Lye shop in a feud over a piece of land in Pakistan has been locked up for 18 months.

Tazabeth Mohammed was the third man to be put behind bars for his part in the long running family dispute with their victim being humiliated and badly affected by the High Street attack.

Victim Majid Yasin was set upon by the four man gang in the hairdresser's shop and he was repeatedly punched and kicked before being tossed naked onto the pavement in front of a crowd that had gathered at the scene.

The incident had been filmed by 22-year-old Mohammed Tariq and Mr Yasin complained the internet footage had been sent all over the world leaving him humiliated and suffering from flash backs.

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Tazabeth Mohammed, of Crabbe Street, admitted affray and he was jailed by Judge James Burbidge QC who said it was sad a dispute centred on land in Pakistan should spill onto the streets of Stourbridge.

He told the 33-year-old he had clearly lashed out with his fists at Mr Yasin who had desperately tried to protect himself by throwing hairdressing equipment at the four men in a bid to keep them at bay.

Mohammed, he went on, had encouraged others to assault Mr Yasim in an attack that took place in front of an innocent man who was in the shop at the time and he was forced to flee from the premises.

The judge said: "You along with the others stripped him naked before he was dragged out of the shop in front of a large number of people who had gathered at the scene."

He was told Mohammad had a previous conviction for violent disorder and he further made him the subject of a five year restraining order forbidding him from having any contact with the victim.

At a previous hearing Mohammed Tazabar, 39, from Crabbe Street and Mohammed Tariq, 22, of Vicarage Road admitted affray and they were locked up for 19 months and 12 months respectively.

A warrant has been issued by the judge for the arrest of 30-year-old Babbar Sahbar also of Crabbe Street, Lye, who is believed to be in Pakistan.

It was an extremely serious incident, ruled the Judge, because it occurred in a public place having made it clear at the previous hearing there were appropriate and proper ways to deal with family disputes.

"Turning to violence in a public place is not one of them," said the judge.