The Rotary Club of Dudley has sponsored golf professional James Wright in his run for the Acorns Children’s’ Hospice.

Originally he planned to run from Birmingham to London along the Grand Union Canal.

The club said that they would sponsor him £100 per mile up to 100 miles.

James set off on January 11. However, at 90 miles, although he was still going well, his support vehicle unfortunately broke down and without that it was deemed unsafe for him to continue.

The car carried vital water and dry clothes.

Although he did not complete the full run, 90 miles is amazing and the club agreed to still give him the £10,000.

James was not beaten that easily.

On February 2, he ran the additional 55 miles along the canal from Gas Street Birmingham and back.

The Rotary Club of Dudley considered that his determination for such a good cause deserved further support and increased the sponsorship to £15,000.

The photograph shows him at the end of the second run receiving the cheque from Club President Alan Black.

James, who is 40, was born in Low Hill, Wolverhampton.

This was not his first fund-raiser for Acorns. Last year he ran 31 marathons in 31 days raising more than £7,000.

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