The world relies on leaders. And with our rapidly changing global economy, international tensions, and diplomatic struggles across the world, it is more than necessary to prepare our youths for the impending journey in a new world. Shrewsbury School, a private boarding school in Shropshire, is no doubt attempting to foster these behaviors to a future generation of leaders through clubs, none more so than Model UN society.

Since 2004, members of the club have attended Model UN conferences across the nation, particularly the Cheadle Hulme conference in Manchester, and the Royal Russel conference in London. The conferences, with hundreds of delegates from schools across the nation, are a dense hub of debate and discussion.

Current Secretary General of Model UN at Shrewsbury School, Liam Guo states that “Model UN has improved my debating skills a lot.” With the years of argument, and forming stances under pressure, he acknowledges how MUN has improved his communication skills, as well as leadership. He reflects that “having often collaborated with other delegates to push forward my country’s agenda, I was able to lead the Model UN club here at school.” It is clear that the constant collaborative efforts seen in both the United Nations and the Model UN here at school, students are shaped into leaders with forward-thinking mindsets.

The club, now nearly approaching its 20th anniversary, demonstrates the keen political and social stances students have during this tumultuous generation. With collaboration, and some discussion, such students are ready to lead our United Nations to a better future.