TAEKWONDO students in Bewdley and Hagley have qualified as assistant instructors after training at the national academy of the Taekwondo Association of Great Britain (TAGB) in Bristol.

Bill Middup-Jones and Arti Shah, of Wyre Forest Taekwondo, took part in a two day course run by the TAGB’s vice chairman Grand Master Dew, and British team coach Grand Master Walton, both ninth degree black belts – the highest rank in the taekwondo world.

The course ensures students understand the complex legal system surrounding the martial arts world and are fully equipped to deliver a safe, controlled class which meets the regulations and requirements of the TAGB.

Potential Instructors are also tested on their ability to command a group, explain techniques and deliver a quality session.

Their instructor, fifth degree Katie Billingham, said: “Arti and Bill have devoted years of their life to taekwondo and have found it has given them so much in terms of fitness, confidence and of course, physical skill.

“Their rewarding journey has inspired them to take on the role of assistant instructors so they may help others gain the many rewards they have done themselves.

“It has been a really good year for the club, we have had many new beginners come to see what we are doing here, and we love that, but to maintain our quality standards it is essential I have good people trained and ready to help deliver top quality sessions.

“I am very grateful to have students like Bill and Arti. I hope more follow in their footsteps.”