CRADLEY Heathens return to a full season of league racing at Wolverhampton on Monday – against their bitter rivals.

And club bosses have once again warned the club only has a limited shelf life unless a new track for the club is secured closer to their former Dudley Wood home.

The Heathens face Mildenhall in a National League clash with club stalwart Max Clegg making a welcome return to the club to spearhead a group of new signings.

Clegg said: “It’s good to be back at Cradley, they have always been a great club to ride for and always look after their riders.

“The management is the most professional I’ve ever ridden for in my career and it’s a nice fit for me to come back now we’re back in the league after a year in the Trophy.

“Mildenhall will be tough but I’m looking forward to it.”

Management trio Nigel Pearson, Chris Van Straaten and Gary Patchett have one again underlined they are taking things year-by-year at the club.

“It’s our 10th season and the big regret is a failure by ourselves and many other people who have tried down the years to secure a piece of land of our own,” they said in a statement.

“For that reason the club has a limited shelf life. We aren’t just happy to keep running at Wolverhampton, anyone who believes that is deluded.

“We have done this by popular demand, the fans told us in no uncertain terms how much they wanted us back in the league and when the opportunity presented itself we decided to do it.”

The action starts at Monmore at 7.30pm with gates opening at 6.30pm.