BALANCING the books, developing the site around Sixways and gatecrashing the Premiership’s top four are the ambitious targets of Warriors owners Colin Goldring and Jason Whittingham.

The duo, also owners of Morecambe Football Club, have highlighted their commitment to the Sixways outfit with Goldring stating they would continue to “work full-time on Worcester”.

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Whittingham revealed the club had “gone out to tender with two or three companies” to put together a vision for the unused “39 acres” around the stadium in a bid to generate long-term income streams.

Potential for a hotel, retail outlets and a petrol station form part of the thinking ahead of a meeting to discuss how "the site should look" as part of what "could be a five-year plan" on Tuesday.

The promise to be “putting costs back in – as in people – to generate income” is to come via investment from the owners with "access to some very friendly money that does not require shareholding" to unlock the potential of the land the club owns.

“Cecil and previous owners put a lot of time, effort and money into the club. The one thing we are keen to do is move it towards sustainability," said Whittingham.

“Regardless of there being a sports club attached to it, this is a multi-channelled business. The baseline is that it loses lots of money, we are not prepared for it to continue to lose lots of money."

Whittingham also made a commitment to keep funding the full salary cap of £7million in a bid to further the club's on-field ambitions laid out by Goldring.

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“I think this club deserves to be top six and beyond," said Goldring.

“There are certain elements you need to get right and then the rugby fixes itself.

“Our initial aim is to be top six and I think we are well on our way to achieving that. We had a good season and I don’t think our position reflected how well we did.

“Top six to start with then push on to top four but we are not silly, these are our ambitions. We are going to make sure we get all of the elements of the rugby department right and working efficiently.

“We had a really good foundation even before we came along. Alan Solomons did a great job to be frank and we buy into his vision for the rugby department.

“The benefit of Alan is that he is so experienced. It is fascinating to hear him talk about rugby and we really support his vision and the five-year plan he has to get us to the top six and beyond.

“It might be we achieve it next year, it might be over the next few years but we are going to get there.”

  • Worcester News will be publishing an in-depth look at each part of the co-owners' plans, beginning with the finances on Saturday.