CASTRES prop Hans N’Kinsi has received a 12-week ban for making contact with the eye of Warriors front-row forward Richard Palframan.

The incident was one of two alleged acts of foul-play to be cited by commissioner Ed Kenny during last Friday's crunch European Challenge Cup Pool One tie.

Both were in contravention of Law 9.12 which states: “A player must not physically or verbally abuse anyone. Physical abuse includes, but is not limited to, biting, punching, contact with the eye."

N’Kinsi was said to have made contact with Ethan Waller’s eye in the sixth minute of the game and then again with Palframan in the 69th minute. Kenny put forward the complaints to an independent Disciplinary Committee where video imagery was provided for both incidents.

N’Kinsi did not accept he had committed any foul-play in either case.

Submissions and evidence were also heard from the Castres Olympique legal representative Clément Germain, Castres defence coach Joe Worsley and the EPCR disciplinary officer Liam McTiernan.

Regarding the first incident against Waller, the committee heard evidence from both Waller himself and Nick Schonert before coming to the conclusion N’Kinsi had not committed an act of foul play on the balance of probability.

The second complaint on Palframan, however, was upheld as it was believed N’Kinsi had made contact with the eye area which warranted a red card.

The offence was deemed mid-range in terms of World Rugby’s sanctions for contact with the eye but his ban was reduced from the 18-week starting point to 12 after N’Kinsi’s good conduct at the hearing.

The French prop will be free to play on May 4 but Castres have the right to appeal the decision.