AJ Bailey @ajbails

This is the biggest problem with us.

Play well in spells but our concentration levels at the start of games and straight after half-time is poor.

We need to learn!! We are at home!

We shouldn’t be letting teams back in like this.

We won’t move forward as a club until this is sorted.




Tom Reeves @TheCoachTom

Think JT (Jonathan Thomas) next year will make a big difference.

But we need some more up front power.

It’s how the successful teams in this league work and we lack it big time.

Mcplant @mcplant2

Why they keep kicking, they gave the game away. Ball in hand.

David Fisher @dcfisher13

Two teams should be relegated this year. Way too much apathy.

Andrew Rickman @07Spartans

It’s an entertainment industry as well as a business.

I came to watch with my son thinking we would do well against Wasps.

What a fool I must be.

James Mobley @JMobley1

Wasps did well to realise the narrow width of our defence but in the positives Ollie (Lawrence) was outstanding in attack.

Lisa Tootill @2ootyLisa

Purely hypothetically as the game is done but for perspective I do wonder if we hadn’t got pinged at the death and gone over for a try how different these comments would be.

It would have been the same game, same decisions, same subs, just a different score.

James Goodman

We gave it away in the second half. Two penalties in the first 10 minutes of the second half. Huge hole in the defence on the left-hand corner. This should have been picked up from previous games before Christmas.

We should have had this in the bag, especially with a Wasps team that wasn’t firing on all cylinders as well.

Let’s hope we can plug this hole ready for the next game.

Andy Wadmore

We didn't once win the ball from the kicks.

You can't score if you don't have the ball. It's that simple.

Ollie Lawrence was amazing. Shame he didn't get the ball more due to the kicking.

(Michael) Heaney not good enough on Saturday. A good sub for Francois (Hougaard) but not a first-pick player for me.

Jason Danks

Ill-discipline cost us at the end when we had the opportunity. Off feet when we had secured a five-metre scrum in overtime?

Wayne Smith

Let's face it, our dynamic edge in attack has been missing for weeks. Need to freshen things up a bit.

Robert Boyle

Sorry but no creativity since Heemy (Bryce Heem) and Josh (Adams) gone.

Hard work I know but we haven't replaced them.