THE news Ryan Mills will be allowed to leave Warriors during a contract that runs until the end of 2020-21 has not been received well by fans.

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Big loss but for whatever reason hasn’t hit the heights of previous seasons.

Lots of experienced and emerging players in the midfield so time for them to step up.

Spend the money wisely to bolster other positions.

Charlie Barrett

Terrible. I thought retention was key? Letting a leader and a player who is an embodiment of the culture of the club is massive step backwards.

GH Fowler

Will Butler and Ollie Lawrence to start on Saturday then please.

Martyn Pattinson

Always very disappointing to lose a player and leader of his quality. Something has obviously gone awry and recent performances were a notch below his normal high standard.

Sixways Gold & Blue

The news ain’t exactly getting better.


Keith Firlding

Not impressed. Seems that experienced fighters are being eased out leaving the incredibly talented youngsters to find their own way without suitable role models.

Warriors' fans forum

Drahm for England

Frees up money to be spent elsewhere on the squad. It'll happen.

Bevere Warrior

What is going on at the club???


The cynic in me thinks if we carried on like we did at the beginning of the season Mills would've considered staying, especially as he has a year left on his contract. All this despite having a wealth of options at 12 and 13.

All the best Ryan. A great Warrior.

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