ALAN Solomons highlighted "basic and fundamental" errors as the principal factors behind Worcester Warriors 33-17 defeat to Bath this afternoon.

Warriors' worrying habit of spurning gilt-edged chances continued this week after a number of well worked opportunities were wasted.

Director of rugby Solomons insists the tide will turn.

"The opportunities we are creating we are not closing out.

"We had four lineouts 5 metres from the line, twice we over threw, these things happen, once he comes around the front, we concede a penalty and another time we turned over the ball.

"We had line breaks in that first half, Tom Dodd's right under the posts, we didn't convert it.

"Then Perry Humphreys makes one we didn't convert that either.

"We scored two very good tries but we probably left another two out there because we are making basic errors, our fundamentals aren't where they should be."

Despite the negatives, Solomons believes the fact Warriors are creating chances shows the promise in this team and says the commitment from the players cannot be questioned.

"We have to keep working hard on the basics to make sure we close out those opportunities," he said.

"The positive is that we are creating them.

"And then when you look back at the end of the game, the way we came back showed great character and great resilience.

"That to me was the plus, we could have laid down but we didn't. we showed some character to score those late tries

"We have to work on our discipline and close out those opportunities."