WORDSLEY schoolchildren took on the roles of playing pieces in a gigantic board game brought into school to get kids thinking more about healthy eating and being active.

Youngsters at Ashwood Park Primary School in Bells Lane were invited to play the new Belly Busters game yesterday (Tuesday January 15) as part of a good health week organised by teachers.

The award-winning game from B. B. Games Ltd, which is played on a 5sq m floor mat with a 12” dice, was invented by Sandwell storyteller in residence Sue Andrews and has been funded by Heart Research UK to encourage kids to eat greens rather than junk food.

Ruth Reynolds, the school’s personal, social and health education co-ordinator, said: “It was a super activity for our good health week. The children really enjoyed being the actual playing pieces in the game and were learning about how to keep healthy at the same time.

“Tom Jarvis from Stourbridge Rugby Club joined in to throw the first dice and speak to the children about keeping healthy and fit; the kids were very excited to meet a local sporting figure.

“We look forward to playing the game with other classes throughout school.”