A PUB gaffer is be-cider himself with rage after council workers painted yellow lines outside his Wollaston boozer.

Ted Etheridge from the Britannia Sports Bar, High Street, says he is so annoyed by the appearance of the lines he is considering painting over them.

Mr Etheridge claims he did not know about the new lines until painters arrived early on February 19 to to serve up a double measure of parking prohibition on both sides of the road.

He said: "If its got to be double yellow lines on both sides they should be further up the road - all our neighbours say it's ridiculous, it is across their drives.

"I am not against yellow lines, they are not a problem on one side, but this is both sides for 20 yards. We have noticed how much quicker the traffic is moving, we have lost that calming effect.

"I am incensed about the way they have done it, they never said anything about it to us."

However Dudley Council defended the new restrictions, claiming they are there to water down a cocktail of bad behaviour.

Councillor Judy Foster, Dudley cabinet member for transport, said: "The traffic regulation scheme, which has seen yellow lines laid on the High Street in Wollaston, was introduced following complaints from residents and councillors about driveways being obstructed and unacceptable levels of noise during unsociable hours.

"Public notices were posted, including newspaper advertisements, in relation to the introduction of yellow lines. The scheme was supported by the local community and no objections were made."

However Mr Etheridge poured scorn on any suggestion problems were caused by people visiting his bar.

He said: "Most of our customers are aged between 30 and 70, three of them are disabled and we only get really busy when we are showing football matches - and that is not late at night.

"The Red Fort indian restaurant has rallied round for us and lets people park there when we have got matches on - that is what community is about."