Rich Wilson - The Comedy Hut, The Mitre, Stourbridge.

ANOTHER sold out comedy night at The Mitre and another top comedian headlining, or certainly one who could become a top comedian.

Rich Wilson mixed original and topical comedy with some genuinely funny off-the-wall jokes in a slightly short set but nevertheless one that kept the audience entertained throughout.

Unusual perhaps for the performers at smaller venues like this, or indeed bigger ones, he didn't rely on interraction with the audience to provide him with filling material.

Rather he came up with a great routine about the recent arrest of older comedians and television presenters on alleged sex charges, going back to his own childhood to illustrate hilariously how attitudes have changed over the years.

Other topics included his grown up son and the inevitable take on being married for 18 months and whether the magic has lasted.

Considering all the comedians had already done an earlier gig in the evening at Stourport, they seemed remarkably fresh for the Mitre crowd, who as always were appreciative of their efforts.

The evening was excellently compered by Craig Deeley and the supporting acts were Christian Reilly and Aaron Twitchen.

Next month, on Wednesday June 12, Mike Wilmot - who has appeared extensively on television including Not Going Out and Never Mind the Buzzcocks - will be visiting. Check out for details.